Sangeeta Prasad, Esq.

Reducing Probation Supervision for Young Adults in Philadelphia

Sangeeta Prasad currently serves as a Stoneleigh Fellow with the City of Philadelphia’s Office of the District Attorney. She is an attorney with juvenile and criminal justice expertise who has expanded the collective understanding of sentencing practices and the need for probation and sentencing reform in Philadelphia. During her Fellowship, Sangeeta has designed collaborative processes for obtaining early terminations of probation, led legal and judicial education sessions, spurred evidence-based policy changes, and supported reentry providers.

Sangeeta’s expertise in juvenile and criminal law was cultivated during her years as an Assistant Public Defender at the Defender Association of Philadelphia, an Appellate Defender at the Center for Appellate Litigation in New York City, and an Assistant Public Defender in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Additionally, Sangeeta gained experience in leadership, management and administrative law during her tenure at New Mexico’s Department of Human Services, where she served as an Administrative Law Judge, and as Bureau Chief of the Administrative Hearings Bureau.  She is the principal author of The Pennsylvania Juvenile Defense Notebook and The Philadelphia Vital Documents Toolkit, and has been a Lecturer at University of Pennsylvania School of Law.

Sangeeta holds a BS in interdisciplinary science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a JD from the University of Maryland School of Law.

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