Stoneleigh Fellowship candidates must have:

A demonstrated capacity to lead complex, multiyear projects.

We seek individuals who have a bold idea for transforming systems and know how to make change happen.  Fellows are able to self-direct and course-correct when new opportunities emerge or challenges arise.

Strong existing relationships and knowledge about how systems work.

We look for people who understand that “change moves at the speed of trust.” Successful Fellows know that advancing change within systems requires working hand-in-hand with partners at multiple levels to further a shared vision. We seek individuals who have already cultivated the relationships they will need to hit the ground running.

A proposed solution to a policy or practice challenge that affects youth in Philadelphia.

Fellowship projects should advance change using one or more of the following approaches: generating knowledge through applied research, improving public policy, or developing new approaches to program design and delivery. Fellows must be able to clearly articulate how the proposed solution will lead to tangible outcomes that can be sustained beyond the life of the Fellowship.

Typically, our Fellows work directly within or alongside systems in Philadelphia that serve young people. However, we also consider projects that seek to effect change at the state level in Pennsylvania, bring a promising national model to our region, or work on a national policy that affects young people in Philadelphia.

The ability to devote the majority of their professional activities to their project.

We believe that individuals need the time and space away from the demands of a regular job to execute their projects effectively. Although Fellows must be able to devote the majority of their time to their Fellowship work, we also recognize that some individuals have professional obligations that cannot be altered. We will make our best effort to accommodate these circumstances, but it is expected that individuals will be released from their day-to-day work to pursue their projects as much as possible.


Stoneleigh Fellowships do not support individuals to:

  • Provide direct service to individual beneficiaries 
  • Engage in lobbying or advocacy aimed at influencing specific legislation 
  • Undertake projects that do not impact youth or young adults
  • Carry out the duties of an existing staff position

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