Applying for a Stoneleigh Fellowship

Thank you for your interest in applying for a Stoneleigh Fellowship! As the first step in our process, we ask that you write a Letter of Interest (LOI) describing the rationale for your Fellowship and what you hope to achieve.


LOIs should be limited to two pages, single-spaced, with 1-inch margins and a standard sans serif 12-point font (e.g., Calibri, Arial, Helvetica). The LOI should include:

  1. A description of the specific problem/issue you seek to address
  2. A description of the design, scope, and overall goals and deliverables of the project
  3. An explanation of how the project addresses the problem statement, and how it will add value to the field
  4. An explanation of how this approach differs from and/or complements other related work in Philadelphia or nationally
  5. The existing relationships you have with the systems targeted by the project (Which key organizations, institutions, and individuals will you need as partners on your project, and have they have agreed to work with you? Who is already committed? Who needs to be engaged?)


Once you have completed your LOI, you will be asked to provide the following information via a brief online form:

  • Name, current organizational affiliation/position (if applicable), background and contact information
  • One-sentence project description
  • Proposed host organization
  • Preferred Fellowship start date
  • System(s) targeted by the project, geographic focus of the project
  • Estimated annual Fellowship cost for salary and direct project expenses
  • How you heard about the Fellowship
  • Your resume or CV and completed LOI (in PDF format)

Apply Here

Next Steps


If the project is determined to be a good potential fit, Foundation staff will conduct a preliminary interview with the candidate to discuss their idea.

Full Proposal

Applicants who advance beyond the interview stage will be asked to submit a full proposal that includes a more detailed project description, budget, and relevant letters of support.


Projects are approved by Stoneleigh's Board of Directors at quarterly meetings that take place in early March, June, September, and December.

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