DA Krasner Announces Launch of Specialized Unit to Improve Justice Outcomes for Young Adults, Increase Public Safety

By Philadelphia District Attorney's Office | February 1, 2022

Stoneleigh Fellow Sangeeta Prasad is featured in a press release by the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office announcing a new unit serving young adults aged 18 through 25.

The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office (DAO) is proud to announce the launch of the Emerging Adult Unit (EAU) to improve outcomes for young adults aged 18 through 25. The EAU’s approach is consistent with DAO initiatives involving juvenile justice, diversion, and restorative justice, and will help heal communities and improve public safety.

Using an individualized approach to justice, the EAU will consult with victim service organizations and the Defender Association of Philadelphia to resolve lower-level felony and misdemeanor cases. This unit will not consider any cases involving firearms, domestic violence, sexual assault, or other serious felonies. The EAU will initially review approximately 500 cases per month with the goal of connecting young adults to job training, mentoring, and educational programming. Once the EAU reviews a case and an offer is made to the defendant, upon completion of the offer’s requirements, charges may be withdrawn or reduced in order to lessen the social and economic damage that a criminal conviction inflicts.

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