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New Podcast: Not in Isolation: Voices of Youth

By Center for Children's Law and Policy | June 13, 2022

Former Stoneleigh Fellow Sangeeta Prasad is Executive Director of CCLP, which has released a new podcast series focusing on the lives of young people experiencing incarceration and solitary confinement.

Stop Solitary for Kids is excited to announce the debut of our new podcast series elevating the voices of people directly impacted by incarceration and solitary confinement as youth. Not in Isolation: Voices of Youth examines how our history and our legal systems combine to harm youth, with shocking disparities for youth of color and LGBTQI youth. We’ll look at how the punishment paradigm in these systems tears at the fabric of our families and communities through the lens of directly impacted youth. Join host Ronnie Villeda for in-depth dialogues featuring lives forever impacted by incarceration and solitary confinement, and ways we can all work to propel change. Check out our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @notinisolation for details.

Listen to the podcast