Meredith Matone, DrPH

Improving Outcomes for Mothers with History of Child-Welfare Involvement

Meredith Matone currently serves as Director of PolicyLab at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where her research interests include child maltreatment prevention and maternal health.

Previously, Meredith served as a Stoneleigh Fellow, leading a five-year study on the health of young, child welfare-involved mothers and their children to identify strategies to break intergenerational cycles of abuse and neglect. She is experienced in large-scale program evaluation and the use of administrative data for observational study designs in the areas of child and family health. Her other recent work includes a statewide evaluation of federally funded home visitation programs for families of young children in Pennsylvania and a national epidemiologic study related to pediatric psychotropic medication use. Prior to PolicyLab, Meredith served on the strategic planning and evaluation teams for an infant mortality initiative in Baltimore City, MD.

Meredith holds a BS in public health promotion from West Chester University of Pennsylvania and an MHS and DrPH from Johns Hopkins University.

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Stoneleigh Fellow

2014 - 2020


PolicyLab at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia



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