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Why research matters in philanthropy

By Abby Rolland, harp-weaver LLC | May 9, 2024

Stoneleigh Fellow Brandy Blasko and Board Member Kevin Bethel were featured in a recent article by harp-weaver LLC on the importance of leveraging research to inform philanthropy.

Several weeks ago, harp-weaver LLC staff listened to a panel discussion about gun violence in Philadelphia schools. Hosted by the Stoneleigh Foundation, the panel first focused on research conducted by Stoneleigh Fellow Dr. Brandy Blasko, and then featured a number of expert voices discussing Dr. Blasko’s findings and working on-the-ground in Philadelphia to address this pervasive and destructive issue.

The panel discussion reminded us of the importance of why research matters in informing the work of philanthropy. Applied research imparts critical information about the work that philanthropy supports e.g., gun violence, the arts, and education. Funders can utilize that research to inform their grantmaking and how they contribute i.e., whether they would like to fund pilot programs, support established organizations/programs, and/or fund gaps in services. harp-weaver partners with organizations who provide support in each of those ways.

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