‘Until We Reckon’ Is a Must-Read for Everyone Who Works in Criminal Courts

By Eric Seiff, New York Law Journal | April 10, 2019

Stoneleigh Fellow Danielle Sered’s new book on mass incarceration and restorative justice, Until We Reckon, is featured by the New York Law Journal.

Danielle Sered’s new book, “Until We Reckon,” is a must-read for anyone who works in the criminal courts, the many who care about making our streets and communities safer and all those who espouse concern for the simple concept of justice. The author writes as both a scholar (as in Rhodes) and doer, with her pioneering Common Justice program that creates an arena for bringing together the victims of violent crime with their assailants. She operates on the simple premise that the underpinnings believed to justify mandatory imprisonment for violent behavior are provably flawed. Broad-scale imprisonment has not made communities safer, nor given victims a lasting sense of security or, indeed, satisfaction.

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