Elanco approves hot-button bathroom and locker room policy despite constitutionality concerns

By Alex Geli, Lancaster Online | April 16, 2019

Emerging Leader Fellow Lizzy Wingfield spoke to Lancaster Online about the potential legal ramifications of a decision by the Eastern Lancaster County school board to revise the district’s restroom policy.

By bowing to pressure from staunchly conservative, faith-driven residents over its student privacy debate, the Eastern Lancaster County school board may have opened the district up to a lawsuit.

The school board on Monday night approved a new policy that calls for what will most likely be a multimillion-dollar project replacing the boys and girls restrooms and locker rooms with secure, single-user, gender-neutral facilities districtwide…

Officials from the Education Law Center who have been following Elanco’s student privacy debate expressed disappointment in the policy, particularly the addendum.

“By conflating ‘biological sex’ with sex assigned at birth, the addendum would deny transgender students their legal right to use the facilities with which they identify — contrary to the weight of federal case law,” Lizzy Wingfield, the center’s Stoneleigh Foundation Emerging Leader Fellow, said in an emailed statement.

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