More school counselors would improve juvenile justice system for girls, Philadelphia DA says

By Dale Mezzacappa, Chalkbeat Philadelphia | March 31, 2023

Former Stoneleigh Fellow Adam Serlin spoke to Chalkbeat Philadelphia about a new report he co-authored providing recommendations to improve the way systems interact with girls.

Philadelphia’s juvenile justice system needs an overhaul to more fairly treat girls who are arrested and provide them with effective services and prevention programs, according to a new report from District Attorney Larry Krasner’s office.

Far fewer girls in the city are arrested than boys, the report found, but they are more likely to be arrested for incidents that occur in school or at home — one in three, compared to one in five boys.

“Girls without question are in a unique position in the juvenile justice system,” Krasner said at a Thursday press conference releasing the report. “They are arrested in small numbers, and they are arrested for very different kinds of offenses.”

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