Funding for Social Security is at a crisis level. It’s hurting the disabled | Opinion

By Capital-Star Guest Contribution, Chi-Ser Tran, | November 21, 2022

Former Stoneleigh Emerging Leader Fellow Claire Grandison and her Community Legal Services colleague have published a guest commentary for the Pennsylvania Capital-Star on the ways in which insufficient social security funding hurts those who rely on it for support.

Imagine you have a disability that makes it impossible for you to work, and you rely on meager Social Security disability payments to afford basic necessities like food, housing, and clothes.

Then, imagine receiving a confusing notice in the mail saying you might lose these benefits – your only source of income – and waiting on the phone for almost an hour to get help, and the call suddenly drops.

Now, imagine spending hours filling out two ten-page forms the Social Security Administration (SSA) says are necessary to keep your benefits, mailing them back, and then receiving a letter weeks later saying that the forms were never received.

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