Oronde McClain, BS

Centering the Voices of Firearm Survivors in Media

Oronde McClain currently serves as a Stoneleigh Emerging Leader Fellow at the Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting. In this role, he will identify, recruit, and support survivors of firearm violence who will make themselves available to local journalists via a secure, digital directory.

Oronde is a gun violence survivor and advocate, motivational speaker, media consultant, and mentor. He has dedicated the past 20 years to supporting victims and working with media to advance accurate and empathetic reporting on gun violence incidents. He previously served as a Credible Messenger Newsroom Liaison at the Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting, where he connected community members and journalists to strengthen the practice of gun violence reporting. He also works as a psychology technician at the Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Hospital. Oronde is the award-winning author of the book “P.T.S.D Won’t Define Me” and co-producer of the documentary “They Don’t Care About Us, or Do They?” He has been featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Daily News, and WHYY for his gun violence advocacy efforts and has built trusted relationships with many of Philadelphia’s journalists.

Oronde holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from the University of Phoenix.

Emerging Leader Fellow

2023 – 2025

Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting


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