Marnie Kaplan, JD, MPP

Improving Alternative Education in Pennsylvania

Marnie Kaplan currently serves as a Senior Analyst at Bellwether Education Partners. Since joining Bellwether’s Policy and Thought Leadership team in 2015, her work has focused on early childhood education, education politics, and Title I funding.

Marnie has a background in education, having worked previously as a Policy Analyst for a network of charter schools and as a Program Manager at the District of Columbia Public Schools. From 2012-2013, she served as a Stoneleigh Emerging Leader Fellow at the Education Law Center, where she worked on policy and practice recommendations for improving the quality of education in Pennsylvania’s alternative schools. Marnie began her career as a middle school English and social studies teacher in New York City.

Marnie holds a BA in English and history from the University of Pennsylvania, an MST from Pace University, and an MPP and JD from Georgetown University.

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Emerging Leader Fellow

2012 - 2013

Education Law Center

Current Position

Senior Analyst, Policy & Thought Leadership
Bellwether Education Partners


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