Carmel Brown

Carmel Brown currently serves as a Stoneleigh Fellow with Deep Space Mind 215 Cooperative. In this role, Carmel and co-collaborator Rashni Stanford are developing a novel, community-driven approach to youth mental healthcare, which draws upon the strengths of people with lived experience and provides a pathway into the mental health provider workforce.

Carmel has a decade of experience doing direct non-profit work in the Philadelphia area, focusing primarily on behavioral health. Carmel brings experience providing direct care for patients with severe personality disorders and neurodiversity; creating the “Sustainability Project,” which aids communities in building mutual aid systems; and working on housing stabilization programs. Carmel is also an exhibiting visual artist, co-founder of the Deep Space Mind 215 Cooperative, and an adult accomplice of the Young Artist Program.

Carmel is a dual-degree master’s candidate in social work and fine arts at the University of Pennsylvania.

Stoneleigh Fellow

2022 – 2023

Deep Space Mind 215 Cooperative