Elanco’s decision to allow transgender student to use boys’ restrooms, locker room sparks public outcry

By Alex Geli, Lancaster Online | January 30, 2019

Emerging Leader Fellow Lizzy Wingfield spoke to Lancaster Online about state and federal legal protections for transgender students.

The Eastern Lancaster County school board is grappling with a public outcry over its decision to allow a transgender student who was born female but identifies as male to use the boys’ restrooms and locker room at Garden Spot High School.

Faced with substantial public pressure at a lengthy and well-attended meeting Monday night, the board agreed to form a committee to conduct a monthlong study pertaining to transgender students’ rights.

“The board and the administration know how delicate and sensitive this issue is and we are striving earnestly to find a solution that works for all,” Superintendent Bob Hollister told LNP Tuesday morning.

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