D.A.’s new probation policy makes sense

By The Philadelphia Tribune | March 29, 2019

Stoneleigh Fellow Sangeeta Prasad is quoted in a Philadelphia Tribune article about her work with the Philadelphia’s District Attorney’s Office to end the practice of seeking lengthy probation and parole sentences.

In his first year in office, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner has announced several progressive reforms including the reduction of cash bail in Philadelphia for low-level offenses.

In keeping with his series of reforms, Krasner is implementing a new probation policy to reduce mass incarceration…

In an editorial meeting with the Tribune last week, Krasner cited a Columbia University study that found the longer someone is under supervision the higher their risk of getting sent back to prison for a probation violation or losing a job because an employer becomes impatient when an employee has to leave for regular appointments with a parole or probation officer.

“We can’t prove it causes poverty, but it certainly keeps people in poverty,” said Sangeeta Prasad, a Stoneleigh Fellow in the District Attorney’s Office.

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