2012 Stoneleigh Foundation Symposium Photos

Our Children are Dying and We Can Stop It

May 16, 2012

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Panelists Charles H. Ramsey, Jamira Burley, Lucas Rivera, Keynote Speaker Lorene Cary, Dr. Theodore Corbin with Cathy Weiss

Lorene Cary

Lorene Cary

Mayor Michael A. Nutter

Dr. Theodore Corbin

Dr. Theodore Corbin

Jamira Burley

Jamira Burley

Lucas Rivera

Lucas Rivera

Charles H. Ramsey

Charles H. Ramsey

Dr. Theodore Corbin, Jamira Burley, Lucas Rivera and Charles H. Ramsey

Lorene Cary and Charles H. Ramsey

Jamira Burley and  Cathy Weiss

Charles H. Ramsey and Jamira Burley

 Lorene Cary and Diana Millner

Carole Haas Gravagno and Dr. Theodore Corbin

Cathy Weiss, Leslie Lieberman and Dr. Theodore Corbin

Danielle Sered, Dr. Theodore Corbin, and Linda Rich

Joel Austin and Charles H. Ramsey

Jamira Burley and Chekemma J. Fulmore-Townsend

Stoneleigh Foundation Fellows

Justine Taylor and Gregg Volz

Joelle Ruben and Esther Cajuste

Kelly Siegel McGinnis, Sophia Hwang, Stephen St. Vincent and Kacey Mordecai

Joelle Ruben and Justine Taylor

Kelly Siegel McGinnis and Sophia Hwang

Stephen St. Vincent and  Debra Schilling Wolfe

Kacey Mordecai, Emily Keller and Joanna Visser

Diana Millner and Esther Cajuste

Danielle Sered, Carole Haas Gravagno, Susannah McQuillan, and  Lisa Jones

Dr. Joel Fein and Dr. John Rich

Reverend Dr. W. Wilson Goode Sr and Officer Diana Millner

Dr. Chuck Williams and Dr. John Rich

Liz Werthan, Bob Fishman, Carole Haas Gravagno, Paul DiLorenzo and Kathleen Creamer

Julia Boerth, Susannah McQuillan, Rona Navera and Diana Millner