A Dialogue on Youth Violence

On May 16th, we will be hosting a symposium on youth violence to discuss how a diverse array of stakeholders can collectively work to make our neighborhoods, schools and families more peaceful. The homicide rate in Philadelphia is unacceptably high and for every person murdered, 9 appear in an emergency department with assault wounds that need treatment, and, annually, as many as 200,000 children in our city are exposed to violence. The cycle of violence can and must be halted.

At Stoneleigh Foundation, we are dedicated to improving life outcomes for vulnerable youth by investing in individuals: Fellowships for Social Change. It is a priority for us to connect the unconnectable – for it is only collectively that we can improve the well-being of our children. Each year we hold a symposium and invite representatives from community, schools, medicine, government, academia, and the provider network to sit shoulder to shoulder and learn from experts within and outside of our City about promising opportunities that we could collectively endorse, join or pursue to improve life outcomes for vulnerable children.

Today marks the beginning of a series on Youth Violence” on our blog. We will use it to highlight best-practices, opportunities for engagement, and challenges that will require the collective will to overcome. After the event, we plan on using our blog to continue the conversation. We ask you to contribute your ideas, resources and comments because in order to make our youth feel safe, we all must work together.

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