It'll take all of us: Solving the Philadelphia School Crisis

With the Philadelphia School District announcing their plan last week to close 40 of the district's school next year, along with 24 in the upcoming years, Philadelphians are justifiyably angry. City education officials stated that a reorganization of our education system must happen due to the growing deficit in Philadelphia. Because of the closings, charter school enrollment is expected to grow, though they act independently of the school district. 

This has led to concerns from the Philadelphia School Union, who in partnership with Youth United for Change, issued a response last week to the district's proposal, stating that: 

 "On its surface this proposal seems like yet another attempt to privatize our schools. We saw what happened with Edison in 2002 and do not want to see other unaccountable entities taking over the most important role of our School District- that of running our schools."

What I took from their fantastic response, was that they wanted to participate "in the community engagement sessions that are to come and hope that the District is serious about hearing our concerns and taking the voice of students seriously." 

It will take our community to help the school district transform our schools for the better, and they have provided a platform.

Tomorrow at 5:30pm, the School Reform Commission is holding a public hearing in the Auditorium at 440 N. Broad St. For those unable to go, it will appear on PSTV Comcast Channel 52, Verizon Fios Channel 20, and will stream online at

There are plans to also host community meetings across the city in May. The complete list of community meetings can be located at

We have a chance to become involved and direct the future of our city's schools. Please participate in solving this crisis, because like it or not, it will take all of us to provide a solution.

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