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Wolf willing to ‘pull the plug’ on school reopening if new COVID surge can’t be stopped

By David Wenner, Penn Live | July 15, 2020

Former Stoneleigh Fellow and Board Member David Rubin spoke at a recent press conference by PA Governor Tom Wolf on the factors affecting whether schools will reopen in the fall. 

Gov. Tom Wolf said Wednesday he’s willing to “pull the plug” on school reopening if a new surge of COVID-19 infections continues to grow.

Yet it might be irrelevant, he said, because fear of catching the disease would likely keep teachers and students away anyway.[…]

With only about six weeks remaining before the start of school, it’s critical to bring the surge under control now, they stressed.

“If we do not get community disease transmission rates down, we’re really threatening the most important re-openings that you have coming around Labor Day,” said Dr. David Rubin, a pediatrician, referring to schools.

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