Why Young People Aren’t Utilizing One of Philly’s Best Resources – The Library

By Andre Simms, Generocity | July 3, 2024

Our partner Andre Simms at DayOneNotDayTwo has published an article for Generocity about the critical role libraries could play as Third Places for Philadelphia’s young people if they are flexibly resourced and can adapt to meet young people as they they are.

In the areas where libraries are most needed, our youth are underserved and ill-considered. Communities across Philadelphia lack librarians and, consequently, the relevant programs to truly educate, encourage, and engage those who would benefit the most. Schools are closed for summer, at a time when these resources are crucial, and branches across the city remain closed with delayed plans to reopen or are closing early due to limited resources. With Gen Z and Millennials making more library visits than any other age group nationwide and teens seeking safe places to be active and accomplish their goals, it is imperative that Philadelphia libraries increase their reach and relevance.

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