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Why Philly’s Youth Need to Be Included in the Next Mayor’s Plan to Stop Violence

By Bre Stoves, Juvenile Law Center, WHYY | March 30, 2023

Bre Stoves, Youth Advocate with our partners at Juvenile Law Center’s Youth Advocacy Programs, explains in WHYY why the next mayor’s plan to stop violence should include young people.

When it comes to the race for Philadelphia Mayor, the candidates are focused on stopping gun violence, but many are looking to the wrong solutions, such as more police investment.

The conversation has largely ignored the tools that work, which is only leading to more trauma. How long will it take before we see actual change? Our youth have often been blamed for the violence, but experts find most people responsible for shootings are often in their twenties or thirties. If the candidates are serious about making a difference, they need to listen to youth voices and make them a part of the solution.

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