We can break the cycle of putting people in cages

By Billy Maddalon, The Charlotte Observer | June 20, 2019

Stoneleigh Fellow Danielle Sered was cited as a leading expert on incarceration and violent crime by The Charlotte Observer.

It’s only mid-June and Charlotte has eclipsed it murder rate for all of 2018. There are many contributing factors, but the inescapable truth is nearly every person who commits violence has first survived it and their most likely victim is someone they know. Which makes our go-to choice of caging people when they commit a violent crime strange.

Actually, our system of justice rarely offers real choice when you’re a survivor of violent crime. It’s either incarceration or nothing at all. And yet, as Danielle Sered reveals in her prescient book, “Until We Reckon,” our communities must address violence honestly, with a focus on survivors, or our nation will never break its addiction to caging human beings.