Want to tackle gun violence? Think about trees.

By Pamela Darville, The Philadelphia Inquirer | April 13, 2023

Stoneleigh Fellow Vincent Reina was featured by The Philadelphia Inquirer for research with his University of Pennsylvania colleagues linking home renovations in low-income neighborhoods to violence prevention.

I was born and raised in the Liberty City section of Miami, a crime-infested section of the city. My neighborhood had no tree coverage and was a mass of cracked concrete. There were no parks, swimming pools, or libraries.

Now I live in Philadelphia, a city with 116 homicides this year as I write this. Our mayoral candidates have proposed to declare a state of emergency, reimagine coordination between government agencies, funnel millions of dollars to gun violence suppression police units, crack down on low-level crimes, or install surveillance cameras in the neighborhoods experiencing the deepest state of crisis.

None of these policies inspires confidence.

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