These healers want to ensure trauma victims aren’t treated like ‘just another black kid in a hospital’

By Mike Newall, Philadelphia Inquirer | July 13, 2018

Stoneleigh Fellow Ted Corbin is featured in an article on the Healers, a group of young black men working through their trauma together and learning to help others like them.

A divide exists in Philadelphia between victim and helper. That’s because, Wakeman says, there’s too often a lack of people in the system with lived experience.

Often, the young black men who deal with trauma the most can’t find someone who can relate to them in the spaces where they need it most: hospital rooms and treatment centers, said John Rich and Theodore Corbin, physicians and cofounders of the Drexel University Center for Nonviolence and Social Justice. There’s an implicit assumption, Rich said, that the trauma suffered by young men of color is their own fault.

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