The 2024 Black Trailblazers

By Jemille Q. Duncan, City & State Pennsylvania | February 26, 2024

Board Member and former Stoneleigh Fellow Kevin Bethel was featured by City & State Pennsylvania’s list of 2024 Black trailblazers for his new role as Philadelphia Police Department Commissioner.

Kevin Bethel
Commissioner, Philadelphia Police Department

Kevin Bethel is the recently minted commissioner of the Philadelphia Police Department, the fourth-largest police department in the nation. Having spent over 30 years in public safety, Bethel garnered national recognition for championing juvenile diversion programs. Before becoming commissioner, Bethel was the chief of school safety at the School District of Philadelphia, deputy police commissioner for patrol operations and a Stoneleigh fellow. With Philadelphia in the throes of a gun violence epidemic, Bethel’s leadership as commissioner will be pivotal.

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