Promoting Police Accountability, Wellness and Community Engagement

The Challenge

The Philadelphia Police Department has long faced systemic challenges related to police accountability, discipline, and transparency, which has led to deep fissures between communities and police. Last year, catalyzed in part by national outrage over high profile cases of police misconduct, these tensions culminated in widespread protests throughout the city. In June 2020, the PPD released its Crime Prevention & Violence Reduction Action Plan, which commits to bringing about reform through three pillars: Organizational Excellence, Community Engagement and Inclusion, and Crime Prevention and Violence Reduction.

The Project

Through her Stoneleigh Fellowship, Nikki Smith-Kea partnered with the Philadelphia Police Department to develop and promote police accountability, wellness, and community engagement practices. She also undertook a series of projects that complemented the complex reform efforts outlined in the PPD’s Crime Prevention & Violence Reduction Action Plan.

The Stoneleigh Fellowship enabled Nikki to:

  • Assess selected units within the Office of Professional Responsibility.
  • Support an improved Early Intervention System and promote officer wellness.
  • Successfully implement the Active Bystandership for Law Enforcement (ABLE) program.
  • Support the implementation of a re-engineered Compstat process (Compstat 360), focusing on violence reduction, accountability, and community engagement.

Nikki Smith-Kea, PhD

Stoneleigh Fellow

2021 – 2024

Executive in Residence

Philadelphia Police Department

Current Position

Senior Advisor
Safe Night


Project Updates