Conducting a State-by-State Analysis of Child Welfare Law

The Challenge

The procedures and policies for accepting and investigating child abuse and neglect allegations vary from state to state. Each state maintains its own laws, regulations, and policies on what constitutes abuse. As a result, reports of abuse and neglect that involve more than one state often slip through the cracks, since there is no formal mechanism to assign responsibility to any one jurisdiction.

The Project

Through hid Emerging Leader Fellowship, Stephen St. Vincent worked with The Field Center to conduct research into each state’s laws, regulations, and policies regarding jurisdiction of child abuse and neglect cases. Stephen developed a final report documenting how each state handles interstate reports of child abuse and neglect as well as recommendations on how to prevent the jurisdictional gaps that may arise.

Stephen St Vincent's Headshot

Stephen St. Vincent, JD

Emerging Leader Fellow

2011 - 2012

The Field Center for Children's Policy, Practice and Research, University of Pennsylvania

Current Position

Director, Policy & Planning
Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General


Project Updates