Building Community-Based Agencies’ Capacity to Reduce Gun Violence

The Challenge

Although many gun violence reduction initiatives include promising best practices, there are astonishingly few programs and strategies that have markedly decreased community-based gun violence. Few jurisdictions promote rigorous research and evaluation of programs, which limits efforts to understand successes and learn from mistakes. In Philadelphia and in Pennsylvania more broadly, government funding for any type of research component alongside programming is rare.

The Project

Through this Emerging Leader Fellowship, Franklin Moreno will work with the Public Policy Lab in Temple University’s College of Liberal Arts to develop an accessible, online Resource Hub that provides free tools and resources to bolster direct service organizations’ ability to respond to community-based gun violence.

Specifically, this Fellowship will enable Franklin to:

  • Develop and implement an easy-to-administer assessment tool to determine the needs of community-based agencies focused on violence reduction in Philadelphia.
  • Develop an accessible online Resource Hub that includes capacity-building resources and trainings for community-based agencies.
  • Develop a simple, step-by-step set of resources to support case management-focused agencies to use data and research to improve their efficiency, effectiveness, and responsiveness to new funding opportunities.
  • Solicit and catalogue community feedback and make continuous additions, revisions, and improvements to the Resource Hub.

Franklin Moreno, PhD

Emerging Leader Fellow

2023 – 2025

Public Policy Lab, Temple University’s College of Liberal Arts


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