Philly study shows strong correlation between unemployment and gun violence

By Aaron Moselle, WHYY | July 7, 2021

Stoneleigh Fellow Ruth Abaya spoke at a City of Philadelphia news conference announcing new research demonstrating a correlation between chronic unemployment and gun violence.

New research out of Philadelphia puts a fine point on the correlation between chronic unemployment and gun violence in neighborhoods with high instances of violence.

A person is considered chronically unemployed when they have been out of work for at least a year. During a news conference on Wednesday, Dr. Ruth Abaya with the city’s Department of Health said ZIP codes with higher rates of chronic unemployment also have more shooting victims. She said the connection is most pronounced for men and boys ages 16 to 64, particularly Black and Hispanic men and boys.

The opposite is true for ZIP codes with lower rates of chronic unemployment among men and boys, according to the study. In those ZIP codes, there are fewer shooting victims.

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