Millions Of Children Have Lost Their Health Insurance—What’s Our Plan?

By Health Affairs, Doug Strane, Rebecka Rosenquist, | August 5, 2020

Former Stoneleigh Fellow and Board Member David Rubin and his PolicyLab colleagues have written an article for Health Affairs that highlights the recent erosion of pediatric health insurance coverage and offers solutions to achieve universal coverage for children and youth moving forward.

The COVID-19 pandemic has constrained the economy in ways that would have been difficult to imagine only a few months ago. After years of economic expansion, unemployment reached 11.1 percent in June. As parents are laid off, tens of millions of families suddenly find themselves without employer-sponsored insurance (ESI) coverage and having to navigate their options in public programs or the individual market—or go uninsured. Of particular concern are those who worked low-wage jobs that likely have the fewest resources to prepare for this economic uncertainty.

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