Kinship Care in Pennsylvania: Creating an Equitable System for Families

By Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children, Heidi Redlich Epstein, Lucy Johnston-Walsh, Jennifer Pokempner, Kathleen Creamer, | February 17, 2021

Emerging Leader Karissa Phelps and former Stoneleigh Fellow Kathleen Creamer joined the Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children and other industry leaders to publish a report advocating for an equitable system for child welfare-involved families.

Family connection provides one of the most important contributions to the development and identity of children. A child’s family connections help them grow and thrive, provide them identity and security, and are a critical link to culture and traditions.

When experiencing difficult times, family members can support each other in ways no one else can, with the shared goal of keeping the family intact and connected.

When a child’s life is disrupted, calling on the support of family is custom in most communities and can be a great source of comfort for both children and the family.

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