“It Starts from the Top”: Caseworkers, Supervisors, and TripleP Providers’ Perceptions of Implementation Processes and Contexts

By Taylor & Francis Online June 29, 2020

Former Emerging Leader Fellow Seth Morones-Ramirez and their colleagues have published a new study examining how implementation processes of evidence-based practices may be linked and whether child welfare workers agree upon those links.

Although child welfare leaders recognize the impetus to implement evidence-based practices (EBPs), like the Positive Parenting Program (TripleP), to achieve intended outcomes, they lack knowledge on how to effectively engage in the implementation process. Child welfare workers, supervisors, and clinicians participated in semi-structured interviews during the early stages of implementing TripleP in a large Mid-Atlantic city to illuminate (1) how implementation processes are theoretically linked, and (2) whether they agree upon these relationships. Findings revealed that agency leaders may observe a shift in practice by mobilizing teams to disseminate research about EBP efficacy and illustrate the referral process.

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