Healing Hurt People: Helping Victims of Violence Heal from Their Trauma and Become Community Peer Health Workers

By Michael Butler, City Wide Stories | November 1, 2019

Former Stoneleigh Fellow Dr. Ted Corbin and Dr. John A. Rich are interviewed by CityWide Stories about their work with Healing Hurt People, an initiative to help victims of violence deal with the trauma of and heal from their injuries.

Healing Hurt People started in 2008 as an initiative to help victims of violence heal and deal with the trauma of their injuries; more than a decade later the organization has created a sustainable model for hospitals across the city of Philadelphia. Young men that have dealt with violence are encouraged to go through training, become community peer health workers, and help those who have gone through similar experiences.

We spoke with emergency physician Ted Corbin, MD MPP, co-director, Drexel University Center for Nonviolence and Social Justice, and primary care physician John A. Rich MD, MPH, professor and director, Health Management and Policy Center for Nonviolence & Social Justice, about the effects of trauma on Black people and the importance of having community peer health workers.

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