Addressing Philadelphia’s Gun Violence Epidemic

In 2022, there were 1,791 nonfatal and 472 fatal shooting victims in Philadelphia. Beyond the physical and mental consequences for victims and survivors, firearm violence has a significant impact on the surrounding communities that bear witness to these incidents. Only 24% of shootings in 2022 had an associated court case, suggesting that the criminal justice system, which has limited ability to address the root causes of gun violence, offers an insufficient remedy to this crisis. Fortunately, many other key stakeholders—such as public health practitioners, community organizers, advocates, media, foundations, and concerned citizens—are committed to addressing Philadelphia’s gun violence crisis through a multidisciplinary lens.

Over the last several years, the Stoneleigh Foundation has built a growing portfolio of investments focused on gun violence, including:

We believe that meaningful and effective efforts to address gun violence must integrate a broad array of strategies and stakeholders working collaboratively to accomplish specific and clearly articulated goals.

Building on those efforts, the Stoneleigh Foundation launched our Gun Violence Public Voice Strategy in July 2022, with the goal of leveraging our institutional influence and elevating our voice on the gun violence epidemic and its impacts on youth, young adults, and families in Philadelphia.

Addressing Philadelphia's Gun Violence Epidemic Virtual Convening Series

During fall 2022, the Stoneleigh Foundation hosted an action-oriented virtual convening series featuring expert researchers, practitioners, organizers, and advocates who examined the urgent gun violence epidemic from a wide array of perspectives and explored evidence-based solutions to this crisis.

Virtual Convening 1
Perspectives on Gun Violence: Schools, Police, Community & Public Health
The Stoneleigh Foundation held a panel discussion about the impacts of and solutions to Philadelphia’s gun violence epidemic from an education, law enforcement, public health, and community perspective.
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Virtual Convening 2
Changing the Narrative on Gun Violence: The Role of Media
The Stoneleigh Foundation held a panel discussion about the importance of changing the narrative in gun violence reporting and the role of news media in reducing trauma, educating the public, and elevating solutions.
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2023-25 Emerging Leader Fellowship

The 2023-25 Stoneleigh Emerging Leader Fellowships will focus on addressing gun violence from a policy, practice, research, advocacy, organizing, or communications lens. Applications for candidates interested in becoming a 2023-2025 Emerging Leader Fellow will open on April 24, 2023. Check back in the spring for details.

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Bridging the Divide: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Philadelphia’s Gun Violence Epidemic

In March 2023, the Stoneleigh Foundation convened city officials, community organizers, representatives from law enforcement and the judiciary, physicians, advocates, researchers, journalists, and funders for a day of candid conversation, civil exchange, and problem-solving around Philadelphia’s gun violence epidemic. The convening featured Stoneleigh’s Fellows, grantees, and partners working on gun violence, who shared diverse perspectives on the root causes of the crisis and how these perspectives impact the ways we choose to prevent, address, and resource the issue. In addition, participants engaged in three problem-solving sessions focused on improving coordination of services and access to data, changing the gun violence narrative from inevitable to preventable, and building community agency and authentic partnerships. The following document provides a summary of the ideas and suggestions generated during those discussions.

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