Evidence to Action: Reflections from a PolicyLab Alum

By | December 17, 2018

Stoneleigh Program Officer Sarah Zlotnik shares her experience over the last ten years working with both PolicyLab and the Stoneleigh Foundation to translate evidence into action.

How can we translate research into action? How can we infuse policy with the best of what we know? How can we support families to thrive? These are questions I have long wrestled with—from my first job mentoring youth in foster care to my current role at the Stoneleigh Foundation.

In September 2008, I began working at PolicyLab before the center even had a name. Dave Rubin and Kathleen Noonan hired me to help build PolicyLab from the ground up. Ten years later, I write this blog post with great pride, for, just as I helped launch PolicyLab, PolicyLab launched me.

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