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Education Law Center wants to make schools safer for LGBTQ students

By Lian Parsons, Generocity | September 28, 2017

Stoneleigh Emerging Leader Fellow Lizzy Wingfield is featured in Generocity for her work with the Education Law Center to reduce the educational barriers faced by LGBTQ youth. 

LGBTQ students are three times more likely than heterosexual, cisgender students to experience harsh forms of discipline in school and 74 percent face bullying related to their sexuality or gender.
Recent Temple University Beasley School of Law graduate Lizzy Wingfieldcalls these “troubling national statistics.” From interning at Women’s Law Project to working as a paralegal in a family law unit, Wingfield has been invested in advocacy law for the past seven years. She’s also one of Stoneleigh Foundation’s new fellows and working with Education Law Center (ELC), a nonprofit striving to reduce some of the barriers to education that LGBTQ and gender nonconforming students face.

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