Don’t get numb to gun violence, even as more people are shot in Philly each week

By The Philadelphia Inquirer, Jennifer R. Clarke, | June 29, 2021

Stoneleigh Fellow Ruth Abaya and Pennsylvania Safety Alliance’s Jennifer R. Clarke recently published an opinion piece for The Philadelphia Inquirer emphasizing the need to continue pursuing policies that address gun violence and its underlying drivers.

We shouldn’t have to keep writing about gun violence.

We are at risk of becoming numb to the regular reports of mass shootings around the country and the steady spate of firearm injuries and deaths here in Philadelphia.

But we must keep this conversation at the forefront of our public discourse. As of June 21, there were 225 fatal shooting victims in 2021 in Philadelphia, and an additional 786 nonfatal shooting victims. Of the total shooting victims this year alone, 92 have been children.

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