Cherelle Parker promised 30,000 units of ‘affordable housing’ as a candidate. She’s watered down that goal as mayor.

By Sean Collins Walsh & Jake Blumgart, The Philadelphia Inquirer April 30, 2024

Stoneleigh Fellow Vincent Reina spoke to The Philadelphia Inquirer about Philadelphia Mayor Cherelle Parker’s affordable housing plan for the city.

While running in last year’s Democratic primary for mayor, Cherelle L. Parker repeatedly promised to build 30,000 units of affordable housing.

”I have a plan to grow Philadelphia’s economy,“ Parker said in a televised forum last spring. “It includes the building of 30,000 affordable units of housing.” At a forum in May, she again vowed “to create 30,000 units of affordable housing.”

But at some point after she won that race, the mayor appears to have dropped the “affordable” part. Since at least her Jan. 2 inauguration, Parker has shifted to describing that campaign promise as a plan to build or repair 30,000 homes of any kind. That means the administration will include homes and rentals constructed by private-sector builders as well as houses repaired using government-funded programs.

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