As schools seek to reopen, here’s what local data say about in-person classes and COVID-19

By Jason Laughlin and Maddie Hanna, The Philadelphia Inquirer | January 31, 2021

Former Stoneleigh Fellow David Rubin spoke to The Philadelphia Inquirer about COVID-19 transmission and testing in schools.

On Monday, the Cheltenham School District will reopen classrooms for the first time since emptying them almost a year ago as COVID-19 hit the area.

Though coronavirus cases are higher now than in the fall, Superintendent Wagner Marseille feels prepared. The district has consulted health experts, installed air purifiers in its oldest buildings, and watched as other communities have ushered students back into schools.[…]

While “we’ve definitely seen some transmission in schools,” it has mostly occurred “at the very high end of case incidence,” said David Rubin, director of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia PolicyLab, which is recommending that area schools move forward with reopening plans. “It’s still more infrequent than transmission that occurred outside the school.”

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