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AI-powered gun detection will be installed at all of Philadelphia district’s middle schools

By Kristen A. Graham, The Philadelphia Inquirer | August 30, 2023

Stoneleigh Board Member Kevin Bethel and the School District of Philadelphia recently announced new safety and security plans for the upcoming school year, including drone surveillance and AI-powered gun detection. 

Drones. “Non-invasive gun detection” at all Philadelphia middle schools. More modern cameras. Off-duty city police stationed outside schools when situations warrant them.

City and school district officials Wednesday said that students and families will see beefed up security as the Philadelphia School District prepares to open its 216 schools on Tuesday.

In the last school year, 199 public school students were shot and 33 killed, sobering figures that Superintendent Tony B. Watlington Sr., School Safety Chief Kevin Bethel, school board president Reginald Streater, and city Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said helped shape their plans for the coming term.

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