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A Bridge Between Youth on Probation and the Healthcare System

By Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, | March 4, 2021

Emerging Leader Fellow Leah Brogan explains in a new blog how hospital-based violence intervention programs can be instrumental in helping youth on probation access and navigate healthcare providers and services.

Hospital-based, violence intervention programs (HVIPs) are critical to effectively curbing the violence epidemic ravaging the United States. HVIPs offer victims of violence (VOVs) reporting to Emergency Departments (EDs) relationship-based mentoring and culturally informed, intensive case management. This enables them to navigate complex systems of care within the communities in which VOVs live and tackle the social determinants of health that increase VOVs’ risk of future violence exposure and revictimization [1]. Not only are HVIPs key to preventing future episodes of violence for VOVs; they are fundamental to effectively disrupting the pipelines that push youth into lifetime violence and justice system involvement.

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