Our Children Are Dying and We Can Stop It: May16, 2012 Symposium


On May 16th, Stoneleigh Foundation hosted a conversation about stopping youth violence. To continue the conversation, share messages from the event, and inspire all to find ways to connect with violence prevention efforts, we have created this webpage that includes video clips and resources from the event.

Our diverse panel offered many solutions to tackle this issue, but now is the time to ask yourself, "What am I going to do today for kids?" Each of us must find ways to connect with others to stop youth violence and the traumatic impacts of violence.

Let us ensure that a policeman never has to bring a 6 year-old home through the yellow tape that defines a crime scene as Commissioner Ramsey described. Let us be sure to heed Lucas Rivera's request to call back when a youth is calling out, to affirm the humanity in every young life as Jamira Burley implored, and refuse to believe that our schools can't safely educate and prepare our next generation of leaders as Commissioner Carey pleaded. Let us collectively make it a priority to give our children a future they deserve.

Stoneleigh is committed to keep the dialogue flowing and facilitate connections. We will continue to blog on the topic, use twitter to spread information and use our convening and funding roles to find solutions that could result in meaningful and sustained changes.

Thank you again for understanding that Our Children are Dying and We Can Stop It

Cathy M. Weiss
Executive Director, Stoneleigh Foundation


Symposium Overview

At our May 16th Symposium, Lorene Cary, Commissioner of the School Reform Commission, shared her insights on what it will take to make our schools safe learning environments.

Lorene Cary's remarks were followed by a panel of speakers that included:


Symposium Resources

Download presentations, articles, and other materials distributed during the session:

Youth Community Violence Resources