Media coverage from the City Council hearing on Youth Courts

Yesterday, Stoneleigh fellow Gregg Volz and Executive Director Cathy Weiss testified at a City Council hearing to discuss the creation of a citywide youth court system.  

The Metro and the Inquirer both have stories about the event.

Council explores expanding alternative peer-youth court

"If you can teach a healthy respect for peer justice, you then create a person who respects himself and others his age and just maybe they may listen to adults and authorities," Jones said. "And at the conclusion of their teen age, become citizens who respect the justice system."

Officials brainstorm how to create citywide youth courts

"How I act today is a result of how the youth court pushed me to better myself," said recent Chester High School graduate Brian Foster. "I'm absolutely positive if the youth got the opportunity I had, the youth court can be a major component in the fight against violence."

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