Articles related to Expanding Data-Driven Advocacy to Improve Child Welfare Policy

The following is an on-going list of articles and press releases supporting Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children and Stoneleigh Fellow Joelle Ruben's work to educate people about Tom Corbett's  "Fostering Connections" proposal:


Pittsburgh Tribune (article published 3/4):

Patriot News(editorial  published on 2/23):

York Dispatch (editorial published on 2/21):

York Dispatch(article published on 2/21):

Essential Public Radio(article published on 2/20):

The International Child and Youth Care Network(press release picked up on2/17): (article published on 2/14): taxpayers

MarketWatch–The Wall Street Journal (press release picked up on 2/14):

The Sacramento Bee(press release picked up on 2/14/12): connections.html#storylink=cpy