New report tracks recidivism for more than 18,000 juvenile offenders in Pennsylvania

By WHYY | May 22, 2013

Stoneleigh Emerging Leader Fellow Justine Fowler and her work with the Juvenile Court Judges’ Commission on juvenile recidivism is featured by WHYY. 

One in five juvenile offenders in Pennsylvania commits another crime within two years of leaving the justice system — that’s according to a new report from the state’s Juvenile Court Judges’ Commission. It’s the first report to track state-wide re-offense rates for juveniles. The research, which tracked outcomes for more than 18,000 offenders whose cases closed in 2007, is part of an overall attempt to transform the state’s juvenile justice system and reduce recidivism rates with evidence-based methods. The effort started in 2010. Stoneleigh Fellow Justine Fowler lead this research. She says the report found, for example, that more than 90 percent of those who re-offended were male and a majority came from difficult family situations.

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