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On Thursday, March 16, Stoneleigh Fellow Nicole Pittman was invited by the House Judiciary Committee to testify and share her expertise on the unintended consequences of federal laws intended to protect children.
We are excited to announce the selection of our newest cohort of Emerging Leader Fellows!  Each of the five young professionals selected to pursue Fellowships this September bring substantial policy, research, and advocacy expertise to these important projects.  We look forward to supporting them in their efforts to improve postsecondary outcomes for vulnerable young people, enhance services provided to youth experiencing homelessness, and end school pushout for LGBT and gender non-conforming students.     
DMC (disproportionate minority contact) is no longer simply about the over-representation of black and brown youth in the juvenile justice system. In recent years, it has come to mean something far broader and deeper to those in the reform trenches.


Press Coverage

For some of the kids who attend PADMC’s forum program, it’s the first time that they’ve ever had a single positive interaction with a police officer.
A new NBC national series seeks to dive deeper into school policing. As part of the series, NBC10 interviewed Kevin Bethel about his work on the Philadelphia Police School Diversion Progam and how it is changing the narrative on school discipline in Philadelphia schools.
A Philadelphia Inquirer article, published September 26, documents Kevin Bethel's leadership on the Philadelphia Police School Diversion Progam during his time as a Deputy Police Commissioner and now as a Stoneleigh Fellow. The article also features the work of Stoneleigh Fellow Naomi Goldstein, who is conducting a rigorous evaluation of the Diversion Program's implementation and impact.