YTFG - Eduployment: Creating Opportunity Policies For America's Youth

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Most young people make a safe passage from adolescence to adulthood with the support of their families, caring adults, communities and schools. However, youth with few supports—such as teens aging out of the foster care system, youth who don’t finish high school or youth in the juvenile justice system—need help to find the right path to success. The members of the Youth Transition Funders Group (YT FG) are dedicated to improving the lives of the 3 million young people in the United States, between the ages of 14 and 24, in need of extra support. We believe that all youth can have a safe passage to adulthood if we collaborate to change the way that adults, youth, and systems work together. Through collaboration and strategic alliances, we are working to ensure that every young person, no matter how bumpy his or her path, can get back on course.

Our Mission

Foundations involved in YT FG are committed to achieving a common mission—ensuring that this nation’s young people are successfully connected by age 25 to institutions and support systems that will enable them to succeed throughout adulthood. YTFG has adopted the theme “Connected by 25” to describe this mission. A young person who is Connected by 25 has attained five critical outcomes:


  • Educational achievement in preparation for career and community participation, including a high school diploma, postsecondary degree and/or vocational certificate training
  • Gainful employment and/or access to career training to achieve life-long economic success
  • Connections to a positive support system—namely, guidance from family members and caring adults, as well as access to health, counseling and mental health services
  • The ability to be a responsible and nurturing parent
  • The capacity to participate in the civic life of one’s community

To achieve this mission, YTFG members are committed to working together, thereby enhancing the likelihood that investments
from individual foundations will make a real difference in promoting young people’s attainment of these outcomes.

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