Stoneleigh Welcomes 2011 Emerging Leader Fellows

Stoneleigh Foundation names six Emerging Leader Fellows who will be working with partner organizations in Philadelphia and Harrisburg starting August 2011. The Philadelphia-based junior fellows are Esther Cajuste, Kacey-Ann Mordecai, and Stephen St. Vincent.  Roberta McCann, Joelle Ruben, and Justine Taylor will be working with partner organizations in Harrisburg.   

“This is the first time that Stoneleigh Foundation has set up an emerging leader fellowship in Harrisburg in recognition of the need for state level reforms in the work of fellows,” said Cathy Weiss, Stoneleigh Foundation Executive Director.  The Emerging Leader Fellowship provides a one-year opportunity for young leaders to be involved in projects that will seek solutions to issues affecting children and youth.  It is also expected to provide exceptional professional development experience for the junior fellows.  

Philadelphia Junior Fellows

Esther Cajuste will assist Project HOME in developing a blueprint to implement the Homeless Emergency Assistance and Rapid Transition to Housing (HEARTH) regulations and a policy agenda to reduce the barriers to educational success for homeless children in Philadelphia.  

Kacey-Ann Mordecai will work with the Juvenile Law Center to integrate international human rights law into domestic law to improve child well-being.  The project will result in a briefing book for juvenile law practitioners and presented to national and local audiences. 

Stephen St. Vincent will help in the efforts of the Field Center for Children’s Policy, Practice and Research in identifying jurisdictional gaps among states in reporting and investigating child abuse neglect and proposing policy and/or regulatory remedies.

Harrisburg Junior Fellows

Joelle Anne Ruben will help the Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children to expand its base of data and research to support data-driven advocacy to improve child welfare public policy.

Justine Taylor will assist the Juvenile Court Judges’ Commission in developing its capacity to track statewide recidivism rates of juvenile offenders by analyzing data from the criminal and juvenile justice systems in Pennsylvania.