Mayor Nutter to Local Funders: Invest in a Generation of Change







Stoneleigh Fellow Richard Greenwald looks on as Mayor Nutter addresses local funders about the City’s youth violence prevention strategy. Photo courtesy of the City of Philadelphia, Kait Privatera






"I am asking you to make a commitment to the lives and life outcomes of young people in Philadelphia," Mayor Michael A. Nutter said in a dialogue with over 30 local funders about the City of Philadelphia’s strategy to reduce youth violence.  







Stoneleigh Foundation Board Chair Carole Haas Gravagno thanks local funders for their willingness to be involved in projects in the 22nd Police District. Photo courtesy of the City of Philadelphia, Kait Privatera





The meeting, led by the Stoneleigh Foundation and Stoneleigh Fellow Richard Greenwald, explored the funders' interests and investments in youth safety and ways to better align and sustain efforts. 







Stoneleigh Foundation Senior Program Officer Diana Millner shares her thoughts on the possible involvement of funders in youth safety initiatives. Photo courtesy of the City of Philadelphia, Kait Privatera





The Stoneleigh Foundation, in collaboration with Philanthropy Network, hosted this dialogue with Mayor Nutter on February 19, 2015. After this meeting, Mayor Nutter delivered a major address at Temple University on his Administration’s efforts to reduce youth violence across the City.  There were over 200 guests at this event, including a diverse array of nonprofit and community leaders.

You can see a video of the Mayor’s speech, read his complete remarks or follow the conversation on Twitter: #youthsafetyPHL